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Spectroscopy Homework HelpSpectroscopy Assignment Help

Spectroscopy (spectral interpretations) Homework Help

Spectroscopy is a branch of organic chemistry that is concerned with determining the structure of unknown molecules. Requiring lots of measurement and interpretation of the data can be mind-boggling for students.

Spectral Interpretation Help

The study of spectra formed when light is absorbed or emitted by the substance is known as spectroscopy. It analyzes the interactions between substances and electromagnetic radiation.

It originated from the discovery of visible light. Later on, different kinds of radiation were introduced, such as acoustic, UV, gravitational, etc.  Then spectroscopy became the subject of interest, and data collection was called an emission spectrum.

Concepts of resonance and energy states took place. Theory of Planck’s constant came into existence, Rutherford model, Broglie equation tell the relation between kinetic energy and wavelength.


The unknown organic structures can be analyzed and interpreted using IR (Infrared spectroscopy), Mass, and NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectroscopy.

Toxicity can be measured in the body using the test.

The amount of substance present in the sample (Qualitative analysis) can be determined.

Easily detect the compounds present in foods and beverages.

The UV-Visible range is 200-800 nm, but only UV light ranges from 200-400 nm and the visible light from 400-800nm. Many spectroscopy is used for different purposes, such as infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, atomic absorption spectroscopy, atomic emission spectroscopy, and fluorescence, but the most common is UV spectroscopy.

IR spectroscopy is used to differentiate functional groups because each group of atoms absorbs different light intensities, resulting in an IR spectroscopy spectrum.

Mass spectrometry is used to calculate the molecular weight of a compound, and NMR can provide data regarding the spin of nuclei which is totally based upon the internal and external field.

UV-Visible works on the principle of Lambert-Beer law, which means absorbance is directly proportional to the path length and concentration of the sample under study.

However, the applications for the same are immense. For example, it has applications in the field of biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, etc.

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