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Polymer Chemistry Homework Help

Polymer Chemistry Assignment Help

Polymer Chemistry is a branch of chemistry that deals with the formation, properties, and uses of polymers. Polymers are important molecules that have a long chain of similar or different molecules. They are extremely important as most biological molecules, such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and non-biological (industrial) ones, such as plastics, are polymers.

Polymer Chemistry Assignment Help

The prospects of this branch are enormous; therefore, having a sound understanding of the subject is a must.

Polymer Chemistry is a branch of chemistry that studies the structure, shape, properties, and synthesis of polymers. DNA, ceramics and metals have a polymeric structure which can be analyzed through this science.

The work scientists first discovered polymer was nitrocellulose which further reacted with camphor to form celluloid which is then dissolved in ether or acetone to give collodion and used for wound healing.

When rubber was heated with sulfur, its strength was found to be increased; hence, the process of vulcanization was discovered. Hilaire de chardonnet introduced regenerated cellulose as a substitute for silk, but it was found to have flammable properties. Then Bakelite, nylon, and other polymers were also discovered.


It can be used to make aerospace material due to its lightweight and high tensile strength.

Polymers are used to make automobile parts such as adhesives and body panels.

Many medical devices are made up of polymers like heart valves and others which are used for heart transplantation.

Daily life polybags and containers are utilized to keep things.

It is cheap, that is why used for floor covering and to make pipes.

Polymerization is distinct into two parts, such as addition and condensation polymerization. In addition, there is no loss of matter. Only addition takes place, but in the case of condensation, removal of the group takes place to form the final condensed product.

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Polymer Chemistry is concerned with the polymerization of simple units, spectrometric and other tests of the polymer, as well as the study of natural polymers and the creation of synthetic polymers. Mastering the class may take some time. However, assessments don’t happen according to your understanding of the topic. In case help is required for polymer chemistry assignments, it is available online at https://www.onlinecollegehomeworkhelp.com.

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