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Physical Chemistry is a branch of chemistry that is concerned with the properties of matter and the way they interact with each other. Everything in the universe is made up of minute particles that can interact with each other.

Physical Chemistry Tutors

The changes accompanied during such interactions come under the concept of physical chemistry. It can be considered an amalgamation of physics and chemistry and therefore involves topics that might be difficult for some students.

Physical chemistry deals with the study of physical properties and interactions such as intermolecular as well as intramolecular forces, surface tension, electrochemistry, etc. Basically, it deals with the properties of matter at the molecular level.

It includes phases of components, phase rule, colligative properties and thermodynamics study, which help in the calculation of various interactions between different kinds of substances.

In the year 1752, Mikhail Lomonosov gave the term physical chemistry while he was giving a lecture to the university students and its definition that it is a study to identify what is going on inside the matter.

In the mid-18th century, new chemistry originated that is electrochemistry, chemical kinetics and laws of thermodynamics. Then came colloidal and nuclear chemistry, which is known as modern physical chemistry.

 Applications of Physical Chemistry:

Compounds can be detected as a group of atoms bonded together, and bond nature can be identified.

Quantum chemistry helps to analyze bond strength, the revolution of nuclei, and energy transmission.

Surface and interfacial tension can be calculated to make a stable formulation.

The order of reaction can be calculated.

To analyze whether a compound is a good conductor of electricity or not.

It lets us know whether the reaction is exothermic or endothermic.

It states that reaction is dependent on the concentration of starting material or reactant as well as temperature. There are different kind of physical chemistry which talks about intermolecular forces generally acting on the body as tensile strength, plasticity etc.

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