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    Pharmaceutical Chemistry Assignment Help

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    The field of healthcare is primarily dependent on the drugs for its prevalence. The study of drugs and the chemistry behind that related to drug development is known as Pharmaceutical Chemistry. In this study, the students learn around the concepts of drug discovery, development and optimization of drugs.

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    There is an expectation in Pharmaceutical Chemistry to understand how the drugs are made, and how efficient that they are with use in healthcare for illnesses right from the stages of diagnosis to prevention and then the treatment of the diseases.

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry is defined as the study of organic molecules which have medicinal value, synthetic preparation of drugs, and their structure-activity relationship. It majorly focuses on understanding of the chemistry behind the medicinally important molecules, converting a natural entity into high potency drug and its uses.

    If we talk about history of medicinal chemistry, plants are being utilized for medicine since the time of Hippocrates. Metals and their salts were used for the treatment of diseases. Then John Parkinson and Nicholas Culpeper explore the various uses of herbs. In the 17th and 18th century tropical uses of plants came into existence.

    In the era of the 19th century, modern organic chemistry becomes so famous as isolation of alkaloids, narcotics and antiseptics took place. Similarly, the use of anesthetics was started in the surgeries for patient compliance.

    Discovery of a drug is a hectic and time-consuming process apart from that drugs were obtained using hits, it is a method of finding a molecule based on its biological action. Medicinal chemistry is not only used to synthesize already existing material but also find a lead molecule with the help of combinatorial synthesis and also in improving chemical as well as physical properties of medicinal compounds. Checking toxicity and changing the medicinal molecule into a better molecule by replacing, adding or removing a chemical group from its structure to design it into a better medicinal value molecule is a part of pharmaceutical chemistry.

    Applications of Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry:

    • To isolate a single component from the mixture.
    • The assay can be done to detect impurities in the compound.
    • To get an active pharmaceutical compound.
    • To check the efficacy, identification of substance and therapeutic uses of the drug.
    • To make a synthetic drug to save natural resources.

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