Ms. C. Ghatak

Areas of expertise (Physics & Maths):

My areas of expertise include physics at all levels, quantum physics in particular, and math at the high school and college levels. I have been a college lecturer for several years in the US. I have extensive online tutoring and homework helping experience as well. I used to be a much-loved physics, math, and quantum physics tutor and conducted over 2000 homework help and online tutoring sessions specializing in quantum physics, general physics, electricity and magnetism, mechanics, calculus I, calculus II, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Below are some of the comments students left for me on the reputed tutoring site:

A sample quantum mechanics student comment: “She was very helpful, her response was clear and easy to follow and it helped me figure out where my mistake was. She saved me from spending 3 hours on one problem like I usually do!”

A sample physics student comment: “She is the best. A bunch of other tutors failed to answer this common question, she got it correct in a couple of minutes :)”

A sample calculus student comment: “She was able to break down very complicated problems and explained not just how to each step to solving them worked, but also why they worked that way. She is also extremely professional while being incredibly patient, even with my repeated questions on the same topic. Highly recommended.”

A sample advanced physics student comment: “Extremely helpful! Lots of detail in the written lesson and makes it very easy to understand and grasp concepts. Highly recommend.”



Master of Science (Zoology, Chemistry, Physics).

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