Mr. T. Mengawade

Expertise: Organic & Medicinal Chemistry

Academic: Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Drug Chemistry; Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Chemistry

Area of Interest: Synthetic Organic Chemistry; Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry

Skills in synthetic Chemistry:

Design NCE structure and their synthetic route. Process optimization and scale-up of NCEs.
Well versed with search engines like Scifinder, Bilstein and also good knowledge of chemistry software like ISIS draw and Chem Office.
Carried out C-C, C-N bond formations reactions e.g. Suzuki, Stille, and Buchwald couplings.
Experience in handling moisture-sensitive reagents like n-BuLi, DIBAL, LAH, NAH, and catalyst like Pd/C, etc.
Hands on most of the tools and techniques of the chemistry laboratory. e.g. Combiflash,
Microwave synthesizer.
Having good analytical skills and practice of characterization of compounds with the help of NMR, LCMS, and HPLC/MS.
Designing, analyzing, and optimizing multi-step continuous synthesis system.

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