Mr. S. R. R. Gupta

Areas of expertise: Bioinformatics

Holds 3 years of experience in Drug designing and NGS data analysis. I have developed the state’s maiden Drug Designing pipeline, septicemia, and COVID-19 QSAR machine models. With it developed an automatic updating chemical compound database for researchers.

Currently working as a Researcher and Guest Teacher at a Premier Institute of Biotechnology

Apart from the above experiences, I have 2 years of project-based teaching experience to national and international students on – Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. I have developed various scripts for biological data analysis and visualization using R, Python, and BASH.

What can I do for you?

  1. Code for your projects.
  2. Prepare reports according to your need.
  3. Data analysis.
  4. Homework help.
  5. Articles and Research writing.

I have experience in in-vivo and in-vitro projects and techniques. Using this experience I can easily relate the wet lab concepts with the computer and bioinformatics core concepts. I will take you from the basic to complex concepts of metagenomics, transcriptomic, and proteomics using various practical biological datasets and databases.

For your better understanding, I use digital pens, animations, power points, and self-made notes. I have published many papers and projects. Have various renowned certificates. I can assure you my fast replies, everyday updates, study material, and even solve your queries after the completion of your work.

Academics: B.Sc. & M.Sc. (Biotechnology-Bioinformatics) 


  1. Exploratory Data Analysis
  2. Statistical Inference
  3. Practical Machine Learning
  4. Regression Models
  5. R Programming

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