Dr. P. Kumar

Expertise: Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Ph.D., Biotechnology; Master of Science, Biochemistry; Bachelor of Science (Hons.), Chemistry

Scientific expertise

Animal Expertise: Efficient in animal handling (especially Wistar rats)

Animal tissue culture techniques: Proficiency in Mammalian Tissue culture for various types of cell lines

Oxidative Stress Study: Proficiency in the biochemical estimation of enzymatic (SGOT/SGPT, ALP, GGT, Catalase, SOD, GST, and GSH) and antioxidant assays.

Molecular Biology Techniques: Isolation of genomic DNA and RNA, PCR, Purification of plasmid DNA by CsCl density gradient method, gel electrophoresis, and RT-PCR.

Microbiological Technique: Experience in bacterial culture, pure culture isolation, antibiotic susceptibility test.

Biochemical Techniques: Quantitative and qualitative analysis of biomolecules and enzyme assay

Analytical Techniques

  • ELISA reader, Spectrophotometer, Stopped Flow Spectroscopy, HPLC, HPTLC, GLC,
  • New enzymatic method developed for the glucose uptake in the cell lines
  • Spectroscopic techniques for analyses
  • Chromatographic techniques like HPLC, GPC.
  • Hands-on experience in handling HPLC, FTIR, Gel Dock, Elisa reader.


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