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Corrosion Assignment Help

Help on your Corrosion related assignments

Corrosion is a phenomenon that makes a lot of metals like iron look very ugly and weak. It is not a desirable process, but it is important to understand corrosion to prevent it and enhance the strength and longevity of the metals used.

What is Corrosion?

Corrosion is a natural phenomenon leading to the progressive deterioration of metals due to its interactions with environmental conditions. It is a chemical reaction which occurs between a metal exposed surface and gas or liquid in the surroundings. With an increase in temperature along with the presence of acids and salts, there is an increase in the rate of deterioration.

Corrosion converts metal into its stable forms like oxide, hydroxide or sulfide. Generally, all metals have a tendency to corrode, but some metals corrode faster, like iron in pure form, whereas certain alloys, like stainless steel, have a slow tendency to get corroded. There are a certain group of metals which corrode rarely copper, palladium, silver, platinum, and gold.

Corrosion involves electrochemical reactions as metals get oxidized, and they lose electrons to oxygen in air or water, and oxygen reduction forms the oxide of metals.

Common types of corrosion include general attack corrosion, which corrodes the entire surface of the metal, localized corrosion which affects a portion of a metal surface and it is further three types pitting, which causes small holes on the surface of the metal, crevice corrosion which tends to occur at stagnant places generally under gaskets, filiform corrosion which involves water going inside coating like paint.

Galvanic corrosion occurs on different metals in contact with another metal; generally, the more active metal tends to get attacked. Environmental cracking it occurs when there are stressful environmental conditions; metals tend to crack, fatigue and become weak and brittle.

The world corrosion organization has estimated the global cost of corrosion, i.e. US $ 2.2 trillion annually damaging bridges, ships, and buildings. Corrosion of electrical contacts can lead to fire and other problems. It also involves health concerns like can lead to blood poisoning due to corrosion of implants. There is also a concern for the safe disposal of radioactive waste.

Corrosion can be prevented by forming alloys of certain metals with a slow rate of corrosion; galvanization can be done where the surface of the metal is coated with the more active metal, which protects the corrosion itself from getting corroded. Other protection measures involve electroplating, non-metallic coating like plastics, paints, oils, polymers like acrylic and epoxy polymer coating, acrylic or styrene polymer combination latex coating etc.

Online Corrosion Homework Help

In scientific terms, deterioration of the metal due to oxidation, a chemical process, is termed Corrosion.

Homework or assignments relating to Corrosion

Corrosion is a very interesting topic; several assignments or homework can be given on this topic. With a hectic life today, you might not always have the time and the resources to complete the assignments assigned to you. One may need good knowledge about corrosion, prior experience working on projects relating to corrosion, known and reliable resources, etc., to accomplish assignments relating to corrosion quickly.

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