Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

It is defined as the online classroom which allows the tutors and students to interact with each other, to participate in learning activities. It is a classroom where both parties share the online space. Such interactions between the people occur via video conferencing such as Skype. However, the virtual classroom is a very different concept from that of traditional ways of learning and teaching in classrooms. Similarly, the main role here is of a tutor who guides learners on how to participate in learning activities.

High interactivity is possible as it allows asking the queries between tutor and learner, amongst learners and content. A tutor helps the students to participate in the classroom by making it more interesting for example, by brainstorming activities, QA rounds, providing group discussion, etc.

Tools present in virtual classrooms

  • Video conferencing tool which makes visual that can help persons to see each other.
  • It provides an instant messaging tool that can help students to ask the queries at the same time.
  • It also consists of whiteboard maintaining the traditional classroom feel as well as for real-time collaboration.
  • Easy to handle the participation control.
  • Break out rooms are a well-designed tool available to use in virtual classrooms.


  • It enhances personalized learning by the college students. As it provides learners to learn at the time and pace at which they are comfortable.
  • It enables long-distance learning.
  • Easily accessible by the educator as well as a learner from any part of the world and at any time.
  • It is affordable for everyone.
  • It provides better visuals, digital and smart classrooms.
  • Real-time teaching and learning.
  • An efficient and effective way of time management.

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