Pros and Cons of Virtual Class


Difficult times require you to think out of the box, and nobody in the current generation would have faced such a tumultuous and challenging situation earlier in their life. The world is currently under the grip of one of the worst pandemics, and as a result, the situation has changed drastically. What was once considered normal had become a luxury. This includes going out in the open, meeting friends and relatives, breathing fresh air, strolling in the park, or bunking classes with friends to hang out in the cafeteria. This has become a thing of the past to be wistfully remembered but not done until it is safe.

The last time a pandemic hit the world was almost a century back, and things were quite different then. The medical advancements that are evident and easily available to everyone were starkly missing in those days. During that pandemic, nearly 100 million people lost their lives, and around 500 million were affected by the deadly virus. The current statistics of casualties due to coronavirus stand at about 4 million cases. While the losses were much higher in the previous pandemic, the relative success in protecting people worldwide in the current scenario can be attributed to advances in science and technology.

Since the population was comparatively less, there was not much stress on education. On the other hand, these days, education has become a huge priority. Thanks to excellent and affordable means, students worldwide can attend their classes from the safety of their homes. Virtual classes have made it extremely easy for students to not only stay focussed on something important, i.e., their studies, while remaining distant from the disturbing news of increasing information regarding the severity of the pandemic. However, like every situation, there are pros and cons associated with virtual classes too. Let us assess whether the benefits weigh more than the drawbacks or not.

Advantages of virtual classes

  • Having online sessions can be beneficial not only in the current scenario but also later in the future. In the present situation, virtual classes make it easy for students (whether at school or higher classes) to continue their education without the fear of contracting the virus. It also ensures the safety of the teaching faculty, thereby safeguarding the future of the generations to come.

  • With virtual classes, the world is your oyster. You can learn from subject teachers across the globe. If you cannot understand what is being taught in your class, several sites like provide students with online tutoring help. This ensures that you have a clear grasp of concepts to score good grades and use that knowledge for the betterment of society.

  • Thanks to the internet and the presence of several virtual classes, you can easily develop skills in addition to theoretical knowledge of the subject. This will help you earn subsequently. With many platforms providing you with online assignment help, you are guaranteed to improve your academic and practical knowledge without breaking a sweat.

  • People working jobs while studying regularly often find it difficult, as they are burning the candle at both ends. Virtual classes make it easy for them to learn at their own pace, especially if the teachers send video lectures on the topic. In case of any difficulty, they can easily seek online tutoring help from their tutors or any other tutor of the subject online. With online tutoring platforms, it is extremely easy to get help from experienced experts on the topic.

  • While taking virtual classes on a global platform, you also get exposed to different methods of teaching. This helps in a better understanding of the topic. Since all students are not of the same caliber, a universal teaching method is usually not successful with the entire lot. While some students may have better imaginative skills, others might be more theoretically inclined. With virtual classes and several education portals, you get access to teachers across the globe. Connecting with tutors from another part of the world was not practically possible and monetarily feasible without virtual classes.

Disadvantages of virtual classes

  • Since online classes involve no interpersonal interaction, students with shorter attention span can get distracted by sitting for long durations in front of the screen. For younger students who are still in school, spending time with friends and talking to each other is an important part of growing up. Unfortunately, in virtual classes, that is impossible since the time is limited, and the topic might be difficult to understand, especially online.

  • The increased screen time is known to cause several behavioral issues in people. People are known to become short-tempered, insensitive, and often lacking concentration. Moreover, there have been increasing instances of people suffering from the dry-eye problem. Many of the students, especially small kids, have been prescribed spectacles to correct their vision. Apart from various eye problems, using headphones and other audio devices has also caused ear problems like ringing in the ears, hearing loss, and pain or infection resulting in permanent disability in certain cases.

  • While in classroom teaching, you can gauge the student’s understanding of the topic at hand, which is not possible in virtual classes. It is not practically possible to understand the reaction of several students from tiled faces that are seen in a virtual class. If the teacher must repeat the topic, the intelligent students might get disenchanted with the course and stop listening. Even if the teacher sends video lectures on the topic, there is no guarantee that the students would understand it.

Increasing population results in higher competition. To survive that competition, you need to be the best in your field. This is possible due to excellent education and understanding of your subject. However, completing your homework if you do not know anything about the topic is challenging, especially for tougher topics. Thankfully, sites like provide online homework help to assist such students. With timely assistance available, you can develop a better understanding of the topic and complete your assignments on time and prepare well for your assessment.

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