Project Management

Project Management

Project management involves planning, organizing, executing, controlling and closing the work to meet the desired objectives in the specified period. The project could be the formation of the unique product, providing any service or to get desired results. For example – the development of any new design of a car.

In project management firstly there is the

There are two forebearers of project management one is referred to as the father of planning and control techniques ‘Henry Gantt’, who gave Gantt chart, which is bar chart depicting project schedule and Henry fayol who gave five management functions. Later on, many personalities gave their views and principles on project management.

A project manager is a person or designation of an employee who manages project along with its team members. There are many roles and responsibilities of a project manager which include planning and defining scope, planning activity, cost estimation, time estimation, documentation, managing team, risk analysis, etc.

A project manager should have excellent communication, leadership skills, team building skills, managing skills which include management of the team as well as work and required excellent negotiation skills, etc.

As a complete package project managing involves the development of a detailed plan to achieve the objectives of the project, to organize and divide work into various tasks and to trace their progress at regular intervals.



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