New Emerging Areas of Science and Their Scope

New Emerging Areas of Science and Their Scope

In old times, there were clearly three ways to divide science and that are biology, physics, and chemistry. But as the advanced techniques developed, science becomes so vast and as a result, many interdisciplinary branches became a part of science with huge scope.

  • Quantum biology: Quantum word means something belongs to physics but after various studies, scientists found its application in biology also. One such example is photosynthesis, in which light comes in the form of packets. It can also be applied to DNA mutation even studies suggest that the breathing process also involves quantum phenomena.
  • Exo-meteorology: it is a study of the process which occurs naturally on the surface of planets except for earth. It becomes easy to get more accurate weather reports, extreme conditions. Researchers found out that Mars is continuously occurring dust storms. The solar system can also be studied using this.
  • Nutrigenomics: As the name suggests, it is the study of food and their respective genetic expression. It is shown in the studies that food has varied effects on the body and genes. The objective of neurogeneticist is to provide data regarding eating habits with regards to our genetic constitution and to create awareness about eating habits. It is also known as nutritional genetics.
  • Synthetic biology: Craig Venter gave a new direction in the biology field by manufacturing the genome of the bacterium in 2008. Later, he and his team synthesize DNA on digitally, printed it and insert it into live bacteria. Now scientists working on synthetic biological robots that can produce biofuels from scratch.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning: Artificial intelligence enables us to make smart machines that can help humans and have the ability to think and process. Such examples are Siri and Alexa. Both can recognize the voice, command and act accordingly. Facebook suggests the names to tag after recognizing faces as its algorithm has such functioning.
  • Data analytics and data science: Today, everyone has online accounts and data in it like Instagram, Facebook have pictures. Word searches in Google also a kind of data. Companies know the value of such data and analyze it which helps them to make a better decision regarding business. Online shopping sites collect data from customer reviews and recommend a better product.
  • Ethical hacking and cybersecurity: Ethical hacking profession is required because of Cybersecurity threats. It became more important after 2017, zomato hacking attack when the data of 17 million people got hacked. An ethical hacker is the one who takes care of company data security, identify the loopholes and prevent it to get hacked.
  • Robotics: if we imagine a world after 50 years one thing that more likely comes to our mind is Robots. The present world also uses robots to perform tasks like surgeries, bomb diffusion, space studies, etc. Which are risky for human beings? Manufacturing of robots that can walk and talk can be done with the help of robotic studies. Hence, we can say it has a huge scope in the future.
  • Aerospace: As the aerospace industry of India is growing at a faster rate. As a professional of this field person will be able to make aircraft, design missiles, space shuttles, and rockets. ISRO, DRDO and HAL companies of India mark their presence in the world. So yes, there will be a great future of Aerospace in the coming years.
  • Food and agriculture science: food is a basic need of every person and India accounts for a large GDP through agriculture. The trading of crops nationally or internationally is vast. So agriculture has an immense future in India. Biotechnology, dairy farming, horticulture, food technology, Pisciculture made advancement in agriculture techniques.
  • Environmental studies and sustainable development: people living in metropolitan cities are facing problems due to pollution. Therefore, it becomes necessary to learn about environmental conditions and tries to solve such issues by providing strategies, devices. Experts need to give ideas about how can we meet the needs of humans without disturbing nature and natural habitat.
  • Bioengineering: it is a field that is new and advances which solve the problem of health care, medicine, etc. Now suppose a person lost his leg in an accident the only option for him in a wheelchair but not anymore with the help of bioengineering it becomes easy to solve such a problem. CT scan, MRI, fitness bands, genetically change microorganisms, etc.
  • Sports medicine: if one is thinking of getting into the sports world. This course can be helpful and emerging. To help athletes by preventing injuries, improve their performance, it is very important to be a specializes or expert in this field. Sports nutritionists, therapists, physiologists are a part of sports nowadays. This field has a prosperous future ahead.

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