Geometry of Triangles

Geometry of Triangles

Geometry is the study of all about shapes like lines, circles, triangles, points, planes, angles, parallel lines, trigonometry, quadrilaterals, transformations and area which can be drawn on paper referred to as plane geometry or 2-D geometry. Solid geometry or 3-D geometry includes cubes, prisms, cylinders, and spheres. Geometry has Greek roots and it is originated from words ‘Geo’ meaning Greek for the earth and ‘metry’ meaning measurement. It is considered to be originated by Euclid who is called as the father of geometry, who wrote 13 volume textbooks on geometry and number theory in Greek, later on, it was translated to English. Geometry is required to discover different patterns, volumes, angles, find areas, lengths and for understanding beautiful shapes and patterns surrounding us.

Triangles are polygons having 3 sides. It is used for building and bridges construction. Triangles are classified on the basis of angles. Obtuse triangle it is having at least one angle greater than 90°. Acute triangle it has three acute angles of less than 90°. Right triangle it has one right angle (90°).

Triangles are also classified based on their sides. An equilateral triangle has all three equal sides. An isosceles triangle is having a triangle with two equal sides. A scalene triangle has all sides with different lengths.

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