Are online classes here to stay?

Are online classes here to stay?

The pandemic that has gripped the world and has caused widespread distress has affected more lives than one could possibly imagine. While one can count the number of people who have suffered terribly from the Covid 19 pandemic, the pandemic has also affected numerous children, both school-going and those pursuing higher education. Studies have taken a backseat and classes have been suspended for children across the world. This has caused a tremendous impact on their minds, especially the younger ones.

Attending regular classes was one of the ways kids of all ages were able to make life-long bonds with people their age. However, with the threat of death looming large, sending kids to school and college is not a practical idea. Online classes have helped millions of students stay connected with their friends and tutors while still pursuing classes from the safety of their homes. This way they can stay focussed on their education without compromising on their safety or that of their family members. Parents often used to worry as to whether the humongous amount of money they are paying for their child’s education is well spent or not. With online classes, they can easily monitor how those classes are taking place, but also learn with them. However, the important point to consider is whether online classes are a stopgap arrangement or are here to stay in future.

While the schools, colleges, and universities have adapted to this new mode of imparting education, many portals like have been assisting students across the world with online tutoring help for quite some time. Though classroom teaching cannot be effectively replaced with online teaching, there are certain advantages of online classes that make it possible for people to adopt this system in the long run. Here is a look at some of the reasons which may make online classes a permanent feature in the time to come:

  • Cost effective – Running a school is not an easy task. You require ample amount of space and infrastructure to support teaching. Moreover, there are salaries to be paid not just to faculty, but also assisting staff. While running online classes, you end up saving recurring costs of maintenance and electricity, water consumption etc. as a result you can pay your faculty on time. However, the same cannot be said for departments in a university or college, where theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge go together.
  • Flexible – While students attending regular classes often had to move across the campus to reach their class on time, online classes offer them the flexibility to attend them at their own pace. With several expert tutors providing online homework help, you can easily understand the concepts and complete your syllabus on time and be prepared for your assessment with ease.
  • Learn at own pace – It is not easy for the teacher to match every student’s learning pace. They must prepare the lecture keeping the average student in mind which can cause problems for several students who are unbale to grasp the nuances of the topic. However, when you choose to learn through online portals, you are often paired with a teacher who can help you navigate through the maze of the different topics which might prove to be your Achilles heel.
  • Undivided attention – When you are attending an online class with all your batchmates, it is difficult to make yourself heard. This might be a big issue, especially for students who are shy to discuss their problems. Similarly, students who are bright might also get disenchanted by the slow pace of learning. With several online portals providing you with a chance to learn from experts in a one-on-one class, not only do you end up learning from some of the best tutors across the world, but also develop a better understanding of the topic.

Though there are several advantages to online classes, there is no denying that there are a few hiccups on the road to making it a permanent feature. The major hurdle to cross is the availability of quality device, internet connection, and other accessories required for successfully attending online classes. Usually, most teachers are either teaching through video lectures or sharing notes as PowerPoint presentations. Downloading the same and watching them requires excellent bandwidth. The same holds true for attending live sessions with teachers. Malfunctioning of equipment, loss of connectivity, natural disaster, etc., are some of the reasons why your classes may suffer.

Online classes also end up reducing inter-person interaction. Sitting for long durations in front of computer screen to attend classes or complete assignments often causes students to face disillusionment. The pandemic situation already has caused several emotional issues for people, especially as they see people struggling with their health. In such situations, long screen time can cause further deterioration, not just of physical health but also mental health. The eyes and ears undergo tremendous strain and have caused problems for children of all ages. Apart from this, there is no denying that students across different age groups often feel dissociated with the real world after spending hours in front of the screen. Though, they may be able to form a bond with teachers across different time zones with ease, they might find it difficult to communicate with people sitting in front of them across the table.

Just like a coin has two sides, online classes too have their pros and cons. Finding a balance between the two is important. though there are several advantages associated with the technology-driven online classes, they might not be able to completely replace classroom teaching, especially for the younger generation. People who are pursuing their higher education might find online classes a huge boon, especially as they provide them with a chance to seek assignment help online from experienced tutors across the world. Moreover, not only are they able to get a better grasp of the topics at hand, they also can do so without affecting their work schedule. Personally, online classes are one of the best ways of using technology for improving the way education system works globally and is proaly here to stay in the long run.

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