Advantages of Online Classes and Tutoring

Advantages of Online Classes and Tutoring

Online classes have become a trend nowadays, and it is due to corona pandemic. When no one is allowed to make gatherings, in that case, online classes are the only option that can be used to let learners study. The use of technology and the internet make online learning a new way of teaching.


Online classes and tutoring have many advantages which are listed as follows:

  • Easy availability: Here, restrictions are neither related to geography nor with time. If a person needs a professional in a subject and according to the availability of time, this kind of class can help a lot. It becomes easier for a person to find a tutor based upon the requirements.
  • Time and cost-effective: For online classes, no need to rush and travel to attend classes which saves time for a tutor as well as learner and it saves time for both the parties. No need for travel which ultimately saves the fare charges and other expenditures. That is why it is time and cost-effective.
  • Better presentation: Online classes stand different because it provides whiteboard, presentation, writing, rubbing, typing, and lot many other options. It also consists of chatting and code writing tools which allow everyone to make queries and solve it at the same time.
  • Recording and revision: it is easy to record the video and audio for later use. A student can use those recorded lectures for future revision.
  • Safe and secure: As coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person. So it is very important to maintain social distance from each other. By using online classes, no risk of catching the flu and cold.
  • Resource Efficiency: Dropbox tool helps the educator to send notes, case studies, sample question papers, etc. It provides convince to place everything in an organized manner.
  • Accessibility: Easy to use everything online such as Google maps, websites, easy access to topic-related images, and videos. It surely provides better interactivity in online classes.
  • Enhance interest of students: As today’s generation have great interests in using technology. Therefore, it is also convenient for students to learn through such technology.
  • Remove awkwardness: it is not very comfortable for someone to go to others’ homes and study. Basically, in online classes, a person can sit in its comfort zone and learn. In this way, students feel more empowered in such a relaxing atmosphere.
  • No social pressure: student-oriented features are available. No one is physically present to look at what is a person doing which eliminates social burden from the learners.
  • The whole lesson can be saved as a PDF and saved it for later use. Any material sent through Skype chat is always available in the history.

Learning can be done from any part of the world. The things required are computers, tablets, and internet connection.  All these are basic needs of the today’s world and are available to almost all geographical parts of the world. For tutors, it provides large potential client’s from across the world all day long. Hence, we can say online classes are beneficial for educators as well as learners.

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