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Analytical Chemistry Assignment HelpAnalytical Chemistry Assignment Help

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The branch of science which is related to the separation, identification and quantification of the matter is called Analytical Chemistry. This is critical because numerous new questions are investigated, and you utilize them in your day-to-day life.

Analytical Chemistry Tutor

Analytical Chemistry deals with the study of isolation, identification, and qualitative and quantitative analysis of the substance. Analysis can be done by two methods wet and instrumentation methods. The wet method includes separation by distillation and extraction methods whereas the instrumentation method includes isolation by electrophoresis and chromatography techniques.

Identification in classical methods is done by colour, odour, boiling, and melting point detection but in instrumentation, it is done through light and heat reactions, magnetic and electric fields.


Robert Bunsen and Kirchoff found Rb (rubidium) and Cs (Caesium) in 1860. The major part of discovery took place during 1900 when instrumental chemistry came into existence; various spectroscopic techniques were discovered in the 20th century. Specific reactions were taken into consideration since then until now analysis becomes an important part of chemistry.


It is an important part of forensic, industry-related, and environmental development.
It helps determine whether the metal is present or not.
Quantitative, as well as qualitative detection of components, can be done.
The assay can be done to check the purity of the substance in medicine.
It can give precise and accurate results.

There are always chances of error and these are also considered under analysis. Error is a measure of the difference between practical and theoretical value. An error can be of many types like personnel error and performance error.

Two things are required for standard analysis and test solutions and titrations are performed it can be acid-base, redox, and potentiometric titration.

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What do you comprehend by Analytical Chemistry?

Analytical Chemistry is an area in Chemistry that clarifies the measurement, ID, and detachment of materials either common or counterfeit. It can be defined as the ID of elements quantitatively or subjectively. This examination relies upon two crucial factors subjective and quantitative. For the diverse characters of the content, a personal examination is imperative. Then again, quantitative analysis is utilized to know the measured amount of a component in a substance.

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