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Agriculture Chemistry Homework Help

Agriculture Chemistry Homework Help

Horticultural science is the investigation of both science and natural chemistry which are essential in agrarian creation, the preparation of homemade items into nourishment and drinks, and in ecological checking and remediation.

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Agricultural Chemistry is the science that involves the production of food, and drinks from the raw material which are obtained from plants. It is a mixture of two studies biochemistry and simple chemistry. This study focuses on the interaction between human beings, animals, the environment, and microorganisms such as bacteria which are beneficial for the soil.

In 1840, when studies on fertilizers were going on then a publication on organic chemistry in its applications to agriculture and physiology brought significant changes in the field of agricultural studies.

Nitrogen is an important nutrient for soil this discovery of Liebig is one of the biggest achievements in the history of agriculture science. Earlier fertilizers that were being used compost and it is made up of degraded material that is dumped inside the soil. In the twentieth century composting was considered one of the most utilized fertilizer techniques.

Then it was found that ammonia is one of the suitable fertilizers for soil. Haber and Bosch establish a reaction to produce ammonia and pressurize nitrogen to form ammonia.


To increase the knowledge about the cause and effect of chemical reactions and to control those side effects which have a direct impact on plant growth.
To develop disease-resistant plants, herbicides, and pesticides to save the plants from bacteria.
To improve the yield of the crop and to assess the best quality product.
Its main objective is to increase and conserve the fertility of the soil.
Genetically modified plants can be grown which can have the desired combination of genes and give the required product.

It is a science-based on chemical composition, and changes in structure to protect, and resist plant change in production and its utilization. It also emphasizes increasing quality and decreasing cost of the production.

Nowadays, test tube chemistry is also a part of agricultural science where hybrids can be formed and all the processes through which living beings get their food, fibres, and other supplements.

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